Advanced treatment systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways, the primary difference being that they further treat the wastewater before it is dispersed to the soil environment. Advanced treatment systems incorporate carefully designed treatment steps, and create conditions to facilitate a consistently high degree of treatment. Smith and Yeager Septic Systems offers the below Advanced Treatment Systems:
The Mo-Dad 1 Wastewater Treatment System is an economical alternative for use in treating domestic wastewater generated by normal household activities. The system consists of a single tank extended aeration activated sludge system which is capable of producing an effluent which meets applicable state discharge standard. This system has been successfully tested in accordance with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 40.

Raw wastewater flows into the aeration zone of the extended aeration system. Here, the oxygen supplied by the aeration system, along with the organic matter in the waste stream creates an ideal environment for the growth of aerobic micro-organisms. The organisms convert the waste organic materials into gases and additional micro-organism cell material. In addition to supplying oxygen, the aeration system keeps the contents of the aeration zone well mixed to provide optimum exposure of the micro-organisms to the waste materials. The action of the beneficial micro-organisms also results in a significant reduction in pathogenic bacteria.

After approximately 24 hours of detection in the aeration zone, the mixture enters the clarifier where quiescent conditions enable separation of the micro-organisms which are returned to the aeration zone, and discharged of treated wastewater through the tee pipe assembly. Effluent may be discharged to a ditch or to a new or existing drain field, whichever is required by your local health official.

Mo-Dad 1 Wastewater Treatment Systems meet or exceed all effluent water quality requirements as set forth by USEPA and NSF Standard 40. The Mo-Dad 1 was tested according to NSF Standards.
The Mo-Dad 2 System is a unique concept and design of a three-compartment sewer system. This system was tested at C-K Associates, which is and ANSI/NSF certified lab. At this lab the Mo-Dad 2 system went through strenuous testing and has met the ANSI/NSF requirement of the 1996 standards and is approved throughout the United States.

The Mo-Dad 2 model sizes are 500 GPD, 600, GPD, 750 GPD, 1000 GPD, and 1500 GPD.
The 500 gallon per day of the Mo-Dad System has three compartments. They are: 1) pretreatment post air compartment, 2) aeration compartment and 3) a final clarification compartment.

Pretreatment Post Air Compartment
The pretreatment post air compartment is the first stage of the treatment system. Wastewater from the household enters this compartment where air is introduced to begin the promotion of growth of aerobic organisms. Also, the pre-tank is designed to hold back inorganic material from the aeration compartment.

Aeration Compartment
In the aeration compartment wastewater enters through a four-inch collar. The aeration compartment in the Mo-Dad 2 System is designed to be set in the right environment for aerobic bacteria to grow by having an air pump which sends in oxygen through low pressure diffusers. These diffusers allow air to flow through them, which blows in all directions mixing up all the solids. This then promotes the growth of aerobic organisms which breakdown the organic solids in the wastewater producing an inorganic and stable organic solid.

Clarifier Compartment
Wastewater from the aeration compartments seeps into the clarifier from the bottom of the tank. In the Mo-Dad 2 System the clarifier is referred to as the quiet zone. This compartment is called the quiet zone because there is no mixing of solids and wastewater. In the Mo-Dad 2 System there is a patent design deflector which diverts the solids back into the aeration compartment to be reprocessed. Another patent component is the Mo-Dad II divider T. This divider diverts the water flow of clean liquids into the effluent discharge by slowing down the flow of water.


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